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Editor’s Letter
“I’m a screenwriter and began my career walking the runway for Urban lines like Sean John, Rocawear, Akademics, etc. Hollywood’s door opened soon after with set experience with Tyler Perry, Gabrielle Union and Idris Elba during the filming of Daddy’s Little Girl. Up in the Air gave me a chance to experience working with Oscar nominated talent(Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actor) and working with Director Jason Reitman has an immediate impact on any production. Reitman has received Oscar noms for “Juno” (teen pregnancy) and “Up In the Air”(american recession/w George Clooney).”

“The ability to connect with industry professionals is your calling card in this business. As Editor of Style #601 I hope to continue to open doors for new and existing professionals in film and fashion. My work with stellar Hollywood talent and success with talent agency The Talent Group has given me even more drive to develop as a industry insider.”
—Cedric Armand sets the stage for fashion and film interviews, trends, and topics.

Cedric Armand’s screenwriting has garnered the interest of Hollywood Attorneys making him a strong asset behind the scenes. With the spotlight still shining Cedric has proven himself as a insider and professional in both film and fashion. is prime for anyone who wants news, industry conversation, exclusive images from top designers, and events.

Style Session w/Ebonee Jackson

Hello all! I recently had the opportunity to style a friend of mine for her trip to the Wendy Williams Show in New York. Thank you Ebonee for this Style Session. Ebonee Jackson is a graduate student at the University of Tennessee. Wishing you all the best!

I manage to archive a few images of Ebonee for my files. Check them out below!