Production dates for A Short Film in Atlanta.

It looks like my first self produced and written film is underway. Shooting will begin in about a month and a half. I’ve been talking with a good friend of mine Taylor Vickers about playing the lead female part. While a formal agreement is not yet in place, Taylor’s screen presence is a sure fire winner to compete in next season’s film festival.

I can’t believe I’m going to be shooting my first narrative in Atlanta! It’s been such a journey and to have a chance to continue my career in fashion and film is such a blessing. I think with all life’s ups and downs it’s definitely prepared me for success as a screenwriter and producer. My career in fashion hasn’t been glamorous by no means. I have interviewed with several agencies but I haven’t signed a major contract yet. It hasn’t stopped me from growing as a creative.

Set experience has definitely given me an edge in the business. I remember my first set experience working on Daddy’s Little Girl with Gabrielle Union, Idris Elba, and Louis Gosset Jr. Gabrielle was a doll on set. I must say if any female has given me the goggly eyes it’s her. 🙂 The veteran Louis Gosset Jr. has extreme set presence. It was cool meeting Chappy. Much respect.

Every scene is different. The more scenes and the more sets adds production value to anyone’s project.

Working on “Up in the Air” with Clooney, Reitman, Farmiga, and Kendrick all nominated for Oscars now that’s something. There’s no set like a George Clooney set. In Miami. OMG. Not to mention it was his birthday. Looking good George! Like I said set experience is an invaluable experience. Thus, the new project “A Short Film In Atlanta”. I like to call it ASFIA.

Keep checking back for more details and casting!

Life’s Short Moments Could Mean Niche in Film.

I’ve been trying to come up with the next step for my career in film and fashion. I think a A Short Film in Atlanta could be the answer. With Red Swan as a completed script awaiting production and a second untitled project almost complete, a quick short film about friendship, the female chase, and success is just what I need to open a few doors.

A Short Film in Atlanta is projected to be begin production in about a month.

“I believe Atlanta would be a great place to film a short. I guess that’s how the project got it’s title.”

The script is an original work with diverse characterization based on fictitious plot development.  Atlanta hasn’t seen much of my work other than the fashion shows that I’ve been in.

“I’ve walked for a few urban lines like Sean John and Akademics”

I thought since I’m waiting on production on my feature (Red Swan) why not do A Short Film in Atlanta. A cast list hasn’t been confirmed yet however I’m sure Atlanta’s top talent will be in the mist.