New Trailor Denzel Washington’s “Flight”


Denzel graced Atlanta with his presence last fall during the filming of “Flight”.  The Academy Award winning director Robert Zemickis will open his film in conjunction with Paramount on Nov 2nd.

Flight will also co-star Don Cheadle and Hurt Lockers’ Brain Geraghty . Denzel will play Whip a heroric pilot who will have to contend with media scrutiny and overnight celebrity.

Check out the preview below!

Denzel set to hit Atlanta in October for “Flight”

Another big film opportunity for Atlanta is underway. Denzel stars as “Whip” in a true story about a pilot who saves the lives of ninety-eight on a commercial flight carrying 106.

Academy award winning director, Robert Zemeckis, is set to lead the crew.

Flight tells the inter-workings of Denzel’s character as he tries to uphold his heroic statues while having his decisions leading up to this tragic event questioned.

Sounds like another dramatic thrill ride for Washington. Paramount brings a great story to the city of Atlanta. Will it become Oscar worthy?