News: Louboutin Sues YSL: Protect Your Brand!

Louboutin Protects its Brand

Celebs love Louboutin

Christian Louboutin most famous for its celeb following (Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, etc.) is suing Yves Saint Laurent for selling a pair of heels with red soles. The suit accuses YSL of “causing confusion, mistake and deception among the relevant purchasing public.” {New York Daily News} I guess some people appreciate originality. I understand. People these days view “piggy backing” as the sure fire way to success. Why not create a duplicate or slight variation of somebody else’s success. Everybody else does it!

Donna Karan Gets Moving With Urban Zen

By Brooke Bobb:


Inez and Vinoodh shot Isabeli Fontana for Donna Karan’s AW11 campaign in New York yesterday, but Karan wasn’t in the mood to discuss it this morning: “Today is all about what you can get here in this space today, what’s going on now and living in the moment.”

We were there to celebrate her most recent Urban Zen collection, called “Elements.” The store meets gallery and event space houses hand crafted Balinese furniture and a health-food kitchen, all part of her effort to “create a retail model that moves faster than that see now, buy later mentality. The new season is in season.”

There are thirty-three pieces in the collection, made of linen and jersey in organic earthy tones, including beach dresses, cropped jackets, billowy tanks, and slim leggings. Donna says her clothes have managed to stay fresh due to the fact that “there’s something for every kind of woman, for a woman who’s always moving and the clothes themselves constantly flow and are all interchangeable.”

She would know—the designer rushed out the door to catch a flight to Haiti before we could shout, “Congrats!’

Posted by, Cedric Armand

Like Art? Anthony Liggins Studio Atlanta

As I was on my way to 71 barbershop I had a few minutes and decided to stop and check out some art. Anthony Liggins Art Studio Atlanta that is. It’s usually lock to the public but I managed to get inside. Stephanie Lopez, assistant creative director and Anthony Liggins , Creative Director, gave me a warm welcome and a tour of the studio where Anthony Liggins actually creates and designs his art. I had gotten lucky because Mr. Liggins was on his way out so Stephanie showed me around a bit.



The photos don’t do it much justice, but I didn’t have a lot of time I needed a haircut and some lunch. Mr. Liggins is a classic example of fashion transitioning into art. You almost can’t do one without the other. Check Mr. Liggins out at and on Facebook.