Hollywood’s power player, Quentin Tarantino, has definitively embarked upon another controversial subject matter with his latest film DJANGO UNCHAINED.

Tarantino tackles a racially motivated plot with the comedic genius of Jamie Fox (DJANGO).  DJANGO  is freed as a slave to become a bounty hunter in the rural setting of Mississippi  to rescue his wife played by Kerry Washington.

Tarantino also teams up with Golden Globe winner Leonardo Di Caprio and Samuel L. Jackson to round out a surefire hit.


Check out the trailer….

Kerry Washington Lands Leading Role Opposite Jaime Fox

Hollywood takes on history with “Django Unchained”. Spike Lee and Steven Spielberg are the usual powerhouses for such a historic depiction. Director Quentin Tarantino has made the leap with his selection of Kerry Washington to play the “long – suffering slave wife of Django (Jamie Foxx)”. Kerry wasn’t necessarily his only option but it was Tarantino’s primary choice. Kerry Washington has developed into a career to watch. She has starred in films such as Ray, Mr and Mrs Smith, Fantastic Four, I Think I Love My Wife, and  more.

“Django Unchained” will also feature Hollywood’s leading man Leonardo DiCaprio and well as Samuel L. Jackson. It seems Tarantino has all the pieces for a great film. It may be too early to start Oscar talks but it definitely deserves to be followed as a must see!

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