Dear America: The Trayvon Martin Tragedy

Dear America,

I’m am a represented Model and Screenwriter that grew up in the State of Mississippi where when I visited my Grandmother in the Delta (Coahoma to be exact) there was an outhouse and cotton fields lined many of the roads. Her Seven daughters and Five sons were my idea of family since I’m an only child. The harsh realities of African American culture shaped the lives of everyone in the area including me. My mother was the first African American female police officer in the field at Moss Point Police Department( one of the roughest towns in Mississippi during that time). My father never finished high school and his twelve siblings seemed to follow the theme of a large family.

When looking at the Trayvon Martin Case I was immediately touched. I experienced social injustice my entire childhood so much so that I didn’t even realize how it felt to be treated largely unbiased until I had the opportunity to leave to the Southern Region of the country during my college years. Trayvon was an immediate victim of racial profiling which is a direct spin off of racism and prejudice stereotyping. All which is negative and contributes negatively to African American culture and the American society. I have had to stand up to many times as an African American at school, work, even in my own residence (I have a rental). Trayvon experienced the most extreme form of profiling leading to his death.

America does not benefit from the negative stereotypes or profiling that occurs amongst African Americans involving other American cultures. We as African Americans still suffer social injustices in every facet of life. The Trayvon Martin case is a prime example (one of the most extreme during my generation). No matter how this case is handled it constitutes generations still unprotected by rights that were fought for with the lives of many African American men and women during the 60s. It wasn’t uncommon for my parents to have chop cotton for money during their childhood summers or for there to be hate mail from the KKK circulating around school during my adolescence.

African American’s have been fighting for human and civil rights for over 300 years. Its 2012 and its more important for all American cultures to stand up and against all social injustice. Criminal and Civil. African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Indians(from India), Asians, anyone who holds a U.S. citizenship. America has suffered enough from the lack of African American appreciation and the way for us to strengthen our country is for us to stand together during this time of injustice. So many are already angered and rightfully so. As a model and screenwriter from rural Mississippi who’s background encompasses extreme racial prejudice and social injustice I hope that we can all come to together to show our anger, disgust, support and empathy for the family of Trayvon Martin.

God Bless America!

Cedric Armand