Like Art? Anthony Liggins Studio Atlanta

As I was on my way to 71 barbershop I had a few minutes and decided to stop and check out some art. Anthony Liggins Art Studio Atlanta that is. It’s usually lock to the public but I managed to get inside. Stephanie Lopez, assistant creative director and Anthony Liggins , Creative Director, gave me a warm welcome and a tour of the studio where Anthony Liggins actually creates and designs his art. I had gotten lucky because Mr. Liggins was on his way out so Stephanie showed me around a bit.



The photos don’t do it much justice, but I didn’t have a lot of time I needed a haircut and some lunch. Mr. Liggins is a classic example of fashion transitioning into art. You almost can’t do one without the other. Check Mr. Liggins out at and on Facebook.

Need a Breath to Breathe…New Inspiration Site.

I just got the drop on this new Inspiration board called Pinterest. If you are a cook, an artist, or even a business consultant you can find Inspiration here. ANYONE could find INSPIRATION here. I call it inspiration for life.  The cool thing is you can create and follow other users with similar taste. Also, take it a step further and rep images on your personal boards to show some love.

Get that boost of Information(oops I mean INSPIRATION) you need to take you project to the next level. If nothing else it’s a great way to learn the personal taste of clients and friends. Get Invited and start sharing your interest and taste with your entire network!



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