Tyler Perry Takes Over As Alex Cross (Trailer)

Madea goes Action! Well actually Perry goes James Patterson as Cross in “Alex Cross”.

Cross who’s usually played by Morgan Freeman (Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls) will be on a manhunt for Picasso (Matthew Fox) in this latest installment. Perry does seem to have the depth and mysterious appeal as Freeman but he definitely is interesting to watch. Perry does have much experience beyond his Madea characters and his role in as an action star is certainly unprictable. Who knows this role may open a few doors for Perry.

Check the trailer! In theatres Oct 19.

Atlanta Plays Host to Kim Kardashian in New Tyler Perry Film!

Kim Kardashian? Tyler Perry? Atlanta? Uh Oh or Oh No? I appreciate the break from usual Madea story so this one should be pretty appealing.
Tyler Perry’s scripts are quirky and I love Kim K’s personality. I just hope Tyler sticks to the comedic scripts(I need a good laugh). He seems to be headed in the right direction. “The Marriage Counselor” also stars Jurnee Smollett who leads the way as Judith whom Kim K has the pleasure of giving a big city makeover.

Production for “The Marriage Counselor” starts October 26 in Atlanta


Easter Weekend Meant Family Fun for Madea!

Happy Easter Tyler Perry! Twenty-five plus million in three days for Big Happy Family. I guess your family fun projects have a timely value.  Although Tyler’s projects may be a little young for my taste, they seem to always have a very refreshing comedic style. You know that silly “You gotta be kidding” type of reaction. I haven’t had a chance to see Big Happy Family so I’m just gonna to check out the preview.