Film Financing Talks Delayed as Broker Refuses to Sign NDA.


After weeks of informal talks with an interested broker, there was a request to return confidential information related to Cedric Armand’s feature film Red Swan. No specifics were given as to why the broker declined to move forward with the NDA but it’s clear that the broker was unable to comply with proper procedure.

Still management continues to seek financing for a sitcom pilot with rumors of a collaboration with Roger Bobb’s BobbCat films.

“I guess it’s all part of the journey. Gotta stay positive and keep things moving” says Cedric Armand

Cedric Armand has been in talks with both Sony and Universal films regarding Red Swan.

” I look forward to working with the right people to bring this project to film. I know it will happen in its due time. ”

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Harvey’s Think Like A Man 2 Already Set


91 million grossed domestically will grant just about any film another run. A major minority film production going for a second run will surely put up the numbers In fact Harvey and Packer are already closing on a new script by Keith Merryman, the pen behind Friends with Benefits and David A. Newman.

Soul Plane was personally my first experience witnessing Kevin Hart on screen and this guy definitely has sustainability along with comedic presence in his Stand up and Feature film work. Hollywood undoubtedly has taken notice. Harvey’s next installment of Think Like a Man will surely bit a hit with Hollywood and fans.

Tyler Perry Takes Over As Alex Cross (Trailer)

Madea goes Action! Well actually Perry goes James Patterson as Cross in “Alex Cross”.

Cross who’s usually played by Morgan Freeman (Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls) will be on a manhunt for Picasso (Matthew Fox) in this latest installment. Perry does seem to have the depth and mysterious appeal as Freeman but he definitely is interesting to watch. Perry does have much experience beyond his Madea characters and his role in as an action star is certainly unprictable. Who knows this role may open a few doors for Perry.

Check the trailer! In theatres Oct 19.

Musical Talents Coveted In “Smash” Second Season

Hit NBC series “Smash” is picked up for a second season and beefs up its musical talents but not before exiting four previous cast members. It shouldn’t be a big loss to series because they are picking up J HUD to carry the load!

Jaime Cepero(Ellis), Raza Jaffrey(Dev) and Brian D’Arcy James were all dropped from season two. Gossip Girl’s Josh Safran boarded as Showrunner in April.

Hudson will make her debut in the Season 2 premiere slated for midseason. The Idol Finalist and Golden Globe/Grammy winner will join Tony nominee Jeremy Jordan.

“First Dreamgirls,’ now Smash. I have no doubt Jennifer will continue to deliver even more inspiration to the audience responsible for giving us a second season on NBC,” executive producer Steven Spielberg said. “It’s wonderful to be reunited with her at DreamWorks Television and NBC.”

Hudson will play Veronica Moore, a Tony winning Broadway star who impacts the lives of Karen(Katherine McPhee) and Ivy(Megan Hilty).

“We’re thrilled to have Jennifer Hudson coming to Smash,” NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblat said. “This series is a showcase for some of the best musical talent in the business, and that’s a fitting description for Jennifer Hudson. Her character will represent someone who reached their Broadway dream but also paid a price for it.”

Jennifer Hudson’s credits include Sex in the City, The Secret Life of Bees and Dreamgirls.


Atlanta New Home For “Devious Maids” Producer Marc Cherry

“Desperate Housewives” producer Marc Cherry initially wanted ABC to air his new series “Devious Maids” for the fall 2013 season however ABC had other plans.

The new series Executive Produced by Eva Longoria staring Ana Ortiz(“Ugly Betty”), Roselyn Sanchez(“Without a Trace”), Grant Show(“Melrose Place”) and Susan Lucci(“All My Children”) will head for Lifetime. The show will still be produced by ABC Studios and now filmed in Atlanta.

Atlanta will host the show to lower the cost of production and the show’s top producers decided to accept lower fees. The series will center around five maids and the rich Beverly Hills families they tend to. The adaption is of Mexican telenovela “Ellas son la Alegria del Hogar” from Televisa.

Lifetime will add Devious Maids to there list of scripted shows alongside “Army Wives”, “Drop Dead Diva”, and “The Client List”

Screenwriting for Entertainment, Academia, Expression, or Money: Red Swan Uncovered

How did I start screenwriting?

Well, I began to get my feet wet in fashion and film but had no outlet intellectually. Jobs were scarce admist a severe economic recession. Things were not looking up for this country. I wish I had a more positive influence but turning to screenwriting was my mental and psychological escape. In fact it is a complete escape from reality because you control the characters and thief environment. I think my first script I was completely venting. It was actually painful to write in that I was expressing a reality that was far from my own yet one that was true in nature.

In a way the themes were open ended so it gives the audiences a chance to form their own opinion about the characters instead of subjecting them to biasness.

Beneath the surface of Red Swan
The entertainment value is commercial value because so many people feed on the lifestyle of the rich and famous  while often following the same behaviors. It also serves as a visual stimuli for those who aspire into creative fields and works. It’s  defiantly artistic expression paralleled with narrative story telling.

Am I proud or happy about this project?

Yes, but as a writer I hope to get better and complete works that are just as expressive and entertaining.

Am I working on anything new?

I’m almost finished with what I think is a romantic comedy.  Its about a young woman who is hired to help change the image of a young college student but her own self image is at risk when a hot magazine reporter shows interest in her?

What was my inspiration for this story? I like to read novels and a majority of my work is a spinoff of something I read and  brought to life with  either my own experiences or just a journey of my imagination.

What challenges have you run across when developing these scripts? Too many to go down the list.

What else do you do besides write scripts?

I try to blog when I can. I have a personal blog as well as a film and fashion blog Style601 which will be available soon.

Other than that odd end jobs to keep a few dollars in my pocket. Lol

Spike Lee joins the Undisputed Truth


Broadway will welcome Spike Lee for the first time with Mike Tyson at Longacre theater for a limited run July 31- Aug 5.

Both New Yorkers will tell a story of Tyson’s highlights and lowlights. Lee: “It’s my honor to be making our Broadway debut together. Brooklyn to Broadway.”

The show was created by SPI Entertainment and written by Tyson’s wife Kiki Tyson.

Tyson most recently appeared in The Hangover and its sequel and starred in Animal Planet’s Taking on Tyson.

Lee is working on a remake of the Asian hit Oldboy. His Red Hook Summer, which premiered at Sundance this year, hits theaters in August.

New Trailor Denzel Washington’s “Flight”


Denzel graced Atlanta with his presence last fall during the filming of “Flight”.  The Academy Award winning director Robert Zemickis will open his film in conjunction with Paramount on Nov 2nd.

Flight will also co-star Don Cheadle and Hurt Lockers’ Brain Geraghty . Denzel will play Whip a heroric pilot who will have to contend with media scrutiny and overnight celebrity.

Check out the preview below!

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