More Business Than Pleasure

Everyone always thinks that being envolved with the film and fashion industry is all fun. In fact it’s takes a lot of hard work and patience. Even someone with a decent résumé with a few A listers can find themselves lost in the mix of things. Unfortunately, the outside world doesn’t quite understand or even respect what it takes to be successful in this business. It seems like even a lot of supporting positions don’t even know. Management, Agents, Attorneys, etc.

Writing can be a great escape from the mundane and clueless outside world. So many professionals in film and fashion influence much of how we think and perceive over the world around us. Yet our attitudes towards industry professionals seem to carry a lot of negativity especially here in Atlanta.

Right now I have one feature set in NY stuck in placement for the last three years, a pilot set for Atlanta that I’ve been trying to get shot for the last year and now currently developing a film+fashion brand from the ground up.

I guess you can say I’m trying to stay busy. Oh yeah and a mother who thinks I should be applying for minimum wage jobs in the meantime. Sorry I’ve gone to college as well as done some post bachelors work. That may be slightly misplaced energy. I actually worked a few part time jobs while writing but it seemed to be a cut off point when I wanted to either work full time or move into management role. Try explaining not following up on years of hard work when you meet that opportunity to pay student loans and start a family because you we’re wresting a dead end job that your mom wanted you to get.

My film+fashion brand is off to a pretty good start. I’ve been working with Fashion/Graphic Designer Camilla Behrens and I have a celebrity stylist interview coming up. It should be exciting. I will keep everyone posted.

Cedric Armand