Screenwriter/Producer seeks Billy Bob Thornton to star in Red Swan

Edgy. Check. Hilarious. Check. Veteran. Check. Billy Bob? Check? Red Swan is Armand’s debut film about a socially chaotic world set during the American Recession and Iraqi War. “The need for veteran cast members on this character driven project is very important. I’ve built this screenplay around the fashion and publishing industry because I needed an outlet for expression that included my personal experiences and journey in fashion. ”

Hmm. How does Billy Bob factor in? I have a friend who is a tour manager and works with artist like Sean Combs, Wiz Khalifa, and Yella Wolf. We were chatting about my project and he mentioned that he works with Billy Bob’s band. I told him that I had a character in my project that would be perfect for Thornton and that I’d email a copy of the script over. So there it is!

Billy Bob Thornton is known for films like Monster Ball and the comedic genius in Bad Santa. Thornton’s list of talents also include singer songwriter in which he has released three albums. There hasn’t been a reply from Thornton’s management, however, Red Swan is currently in placement/development with Universal Pictures. Check back for production dates!