Film Financing Talks Delayed as Broker Refuses to Sign NDA.


After weeks of informal talks with an interested broker, there was a request to return confidential information related to Cedric Armand’s feature film Red Swan. No specifics were given as to why the broker declined to move forward with the NDA but it’s clear that the broker was unable to comply with proper procedure.

Still management continues to seek financing for a sitcom pilot with rumors of a collaboration with Roger Bobb’s BobbCat films.

“I guess it’s all part of the journey. Gotta stay positive and keep things moving” says Cedric Armand

Cedric Armand has been in talks with both Sony and Universal films regarding Red Swan.

” I look forward to working with the right people to bring this project to film. I know it will happen in its due time. ”

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Filmmakers Catch A Break In New York While Los Angeles Fights For More Support.

A recovering economy can be very discouraging for entrepreneurs. Jobs are scarce so developing nontraditional skill sets could prove to be beneficial. In the area of filmmaking writing and producing has always opened doors to creating jobs. The hit show Burn Notice employs more than 150+ jobs per day.

Becoming a filmmakers isn’t an easy feat but not impossible either. Putting a good script is the first step. Learning the ends and outs of the business is invaluable as no film maker can produce without a script and its supporting documents(Not even Spielberg).

Most states understand the economic value of filmmaking and give filmmakers incentives called “Tax Credits”. Tax credits allow filmmakers to leverage financing against an allocated amount of funding towards production in that state. Basically the state will give you funding in exchange for creating jobs in there state.

More and more states are leaning on our countries non-traditional talent to help boost our nation’s economy. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed into law a bill that increases the state’s post production cost incentive to 30% from its previous rate of 10%. This incentive is the first of its kind in this country says the Post New York Alliance, an association of film and television post production facilities and labor unions operating in New York.

On the side of the tracks, Los Angeles filmmakers are battling a state deficit of $160 billion and 12% unemployment rate according to Gov. Jerry Brown. California government allocates $100 million an amount significantly less than what New York allocates for qualified product expenses. Currently, a bill has been issued to extend California’s 20%-25% tax rebate to July 1, 2018. “Over the last several years, schools have taken $20 billion in cuts so we oppose anything that is going to reduce revenue to the general fund,” said Frank Wells, spokesman for the CTA. A study by Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. found the program pumped $3.8 billion into the state’s economy and created more than 20,000 jobs in its first two years.

California’s new extension bill will surely keep California and California’s filmmakers in the game.

Harvey’s Think Like A Man 2 Already Set


91 million grossed domestically will grant just about any film another run. A major minority film production going for a second run will surely put up the numbers In fact Harvey and Packer are already closing on a new script by Keith Merryman, the pen behind Friends with Benefits and David A. Newman.

Soul Plane was personally my first experience witnessing Kevin Hart on screen and this guy definitely has sustainability along with comedic presence in his Stand up and Feature film work. Hollywood undoubtedly has taken notice. Harvey’s next installment of Think Like a Man will surely bit a hit with Hollywood and fans.

Miami’s Film Community At Risk With Possible Burn Notice Cancellation


I recently received an alarming email from one of the biggest casting directors in Miami informing me that Commissioner Marc Sarnoff is “ready to go” with the demolition of Coconut Grove Convention Center, Burn Notice’s home base. Relocation seems to be an easy fix, however, the cost of to move Burn Notice to another stage and office location will be at least one million dollars and possibly move the production out of Miami.

With the Commissioner’s decision to not renew the city’s lease and demolish Coconut Grove Convention Center to build a park it is clear that the Commisioner has undervalued the film community and economic value of employing 150+ jobs per day.

Influencing other productions to be a part of Miami’s unique and exquisite landscape isn’t a priority. Not to mention the all the revenue that the hospitality industries stand to  benefit from.

The Commissioner’s failed attempt to create a government funded film studio using CRA could be why he doesn’t want anyone else in the film community to benefit from the Miami’s growing film and tv demand.  A portion of the proposed film studio was sold off for a million dollars.

Commissioner Sarnoff’s park is linked to a private condominium development across the street from the Burn Notice site.

A campaign has begun to inform Commissioner Marc Sarnoff of the importance of supporting the film community. I encourage all my industry friends and those are interested to email letters to and CC and There is a link to the facebook page at

There will be a City Of Miami commission meeting held on Thursday, July 26, at 10:00am. We are asking for your support and to please come to this meeting and rally for our film community. The meeting will be held at Miami City Hall, 3500 Pan American drive, Miami, Florida 33133.

Tyler Perry Takes Over As Alex Cross (Trailer)

Madea goes Action! Well actually Perry goes James Patterson as Cross in “Alex Cross”.

Cross who’s usually played by Morgan Freeman (Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls) will be on a manhunt for Picasso (Matthew Fox) in this latest installment. Perry does seem to have the depth and mysterious appeal as Freeman but he definitely is interesting to watch. Perry does have much experience beyond his Madea characters and his role in as an action star is certainly unprictable. Who knows this role may open a few doors for Perry.

Check the trailer! In theatres Oct 19.