Atlanta to Play Host to Newly Launched Magic Johnson Network Aspire


Last night was the official start of Magic Johnson’s Aspire Network. Comcast has partnered with Magic Johnson as well as three other minority oriented networks in an agreement mandated by the FCC in its NBC Universal deal.

“Nobody is going to mess with BET. They’re doing a great job. We understand the other guys. But we feel good about where we are. Based on the research and homework, we have a great opportunity. If everyone was satisfied already, I wouldn’t be launching Aspire”

Johnson’s Aspire network is said to offer “family-friendly” programing.

“I’m a great believer in partnerships,” Johnson said in a phone interview Monday. “If I didn’t partner with GMC, I wouldn’t be in the business. We needed someone with some expertise. I thought it was a natural fit.” The name of the network, he added, is meant to reflect the positivity he hopes will come out of the programming.

Omari Hardwick(Next Day Air, For Colored Girls, Dark Blue) will host an original two hour block of independent black features. The network will also be home to a mix of films, documentaries, music, and comedies. It has been rumored that Bill Cosby’s 1960 classic “I Spy” will get a slot.

Aspire already has exclusive deals with several advertisers, including Atlanta’s own Coca Cola, L’Oreal, Chrysler, Walmart and Nationwide Insurance.

Aspire is moving to offices in College Park next month and has hired 15 employees so far.


Hollywood’s power player, Quentin Tarantino, has definitively embarked upon another controversial subject matter with his latest film DJANGO UNCHAINED.

Tarantino tackles a racially motivated plot with the comedic genius of Jamie Fox (DJANGO).  DJANGO  is freed as a slave to become a bounty hunter in the rural setting of Mississippi  to rescue his wife played by Kerry Washington.

Tarantino also teams up with Golden Globe winner Leonardo Di Caprio and Samuel L. Jackson to round out a surefire hit.


Check out the trailer….

Short Poem: Heritage Cry (ONE)

Heritage Cry


Neglected, Misunderstood, Neglected? Substance, Depth, Pride! Family touches the heart of my soul because being born and raised as an only child leaves no room selfishness. The dynamics of a ONE is.   ONE GOD. ONE LIFE. ONE DEATH. As ONE we must appreciate each other. As ONE we must see GOD. As ONE we form a circle and draw NO broken lines. ONE mindset to triumph. It only takes ONE to change a nation. ONE to Love. ONE to DIE. GOD creates the individual ONE. We only need faith the size of ONE mustard seed. Together we must stand as ONE!

We are not the only ONE. There were many ONES before us. ONES who died. ONES who loved. ONES that believed. An understanding of those ONES only need to touch ONE. Because that ONE could carry the ONE legacy that will live for an eternity. Does any ONE understand?

All I need is ONE voice that carries the sound of ONE message. NAS was infamous because he believed he only needed ONE mic. We need but ONE leader to make ONE change so that every ONE sees. Pleasant is the sound of ONE sweet tune. Harmonious.

The pleasure and joy of ONE. It’ll only happen ONE time in your life. There was only One path. I couldn’t possibly lose. I just ONE. There’s just ONE. The Power of ONE.


I think I’m treated unfairly because I’m different. I’m usually the only one of my kind. I studied MIS in college and am a Green Belt – Six Sigma( via Villanova University. I value education. I’m a professional model as well as screenwriter. In short, a Scholarly Artist, the best way I can put it.

It gets me in trouble because most people feel creativity is more exciting than the appreciation for education these days. Don’t get me wrong, I am creative. Maybe that’s where I feel different.

I like doing well. I like purpose. I think purpose is what drives you. Usually, I end up making things happen for me. Well, with help and strength from GOD. THANKS!

My genuinely charismatic personality scares some but most enjoy it.

Life has been challenging but it has made my character huge. Not to be confused with ego. It’s just that when all you have is GOD and your integrity, good or bad, it becomes you. I think personal integrity is worth a lot more to people than dishonesty. Wait, now I know that’s a rarity in my business.

And yet I still complain. I will always strive to improve on the positives. My mother served the public almost her entire adult life, first as a police officer in the streets then as a civil attorney for the state. I had my work cut out for me from the start. My dad didn’t have much education at all. He worked with his hands all his life. He’s a tough man. Not mean, but tough. I’m about two shoe sizes bigger than he is. He taught me how to fill his shoes. HOW TO BE A MAN. Mississippi Bread!


The CFDA fashion awards took place Monday but clothing designers weren’t the only one getting notoriety. Fashion architecture was on the radar with some of the hottest retail store designers on hand. Check out this exclusive interview with menswear designer of the year Patrik Ervell and V Magazine!

Casual Blues for the Summer

Photo courtesy Facebook, BCBG - BCBG MAXAZRIAGROUP

BCBG has just released “Relaxed Chic” Summer Blue to add to this season’s looks. Blues at first glance can be tricky but if you add a pop color like yellow or orange it can really bring out your outfit. Lubov Azria wears chic graphic stripes to pull this look off. The touch of cobalt blue definitely adds some pop. Also, check those clearance walls and racks for spring pieces. LOOK OUT SPRING here comes SUMMER!

Like Art? Anthony Liggins Studio Atlanta

As I was on my way to 71 barbershop I had a few minutes and decided to stop and check out some art. Anthony Liggins Art Studio Atlanta that is. It’s usually lock to the public but I managed to get inside. Stephanie Lopez, assistant creative director and Anthony Liggins , Creative Director, gave me a warm welcome and a tour of the studio where Anthony Liggins actually creates and designs his art. I had gotten lucky because Mr. Liggins was on his way out so Stephanie showed me around a bit.



The photos don’t do it much justice, but I didn’t have a lot of time I needed a haircut and some lunch. Mr. Liggins is a classic example of fashion transitioning into art. You almost can’t do one without the other. Check Mr. Liggins out at and on Facebook.