Miami’s Film Community At Risk With Possible Burn Notice Cancellation


I recently received an alarming email from one of the biggest casting directors in Miami informing me that Commissioner Marc Sarnoff is “ready to go” with the demolition of Coconut Grove Convention Center, Burn Notice’s home base. Relocation seems to be an easy fix, however, the cost of to move Burn Notice to another stage and office location will be at least one million dollars and possibly move the production out of Miami.

With the Commissioner’s decision to not renew the city’s lease and demolish Coconut Grove Convention Center to build a park it is clear that the Commisioner has undervalued the film community and economic value of employing 150+ jobs per day.

Influencing other productions to be a part of Miami’s unique and exquisite landscape isn’t a priority. Not to mention the all the revenue that the hospitality industries stand to  benefit from.

The Commissioner’s failed attempt to create a government funded film studio using CRA could be why he doesn’t want anyone else in the film community to benefit from the Miami’s growing film and tv demand.  A portion of the proposed film studio was sold off for a million dollars.

Commissioner Sarnoff’s park is linked to a private condominium development across the street from the Burn Notice site.

A campaign has begun to inform Commissioner Marc Sarnoff of the importance of supporting the film community. I encourage all my industry friends and those are interested to email letters to and CC and There is a link to the facebook page at

There will be a City Of Miami commission meeting held on Thursday, July 26, at 10:00am. We are asking for your support and to please come to this meeting and rally for our film community. The meeting will be held at Miami City Hall, 3500 Pan American drive, Miami, Florida 33133.

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