Screenwriting for Entertainment, Academia, Expression, or Money: Red Swan Uncovered

How did I start screenwriting?

Well, I began to get my feet wet in fashion and film but had no outlet intellectually. Jobs were scarce admist a severe economic recession. Things were not looking up for this country. I wish I had a more positive influence but turning to screenwriting was my mental and psychological escape. In fact it is a complete escape from reality because you control the characters and thief environment. I think my first script I was completely venting. It was actually painful to write in that I was expressing a reality that was far from my own yet one that was true in nature.

In a way the themes were open ended so it gives the audiences a chance to form their own opinion about the characters instead of subjecting them to biasness.

Beneath the surface of Red Swan
The entertainment value is commercial value because so many people feed on the lifestyle of the rich and famous  while often following the same behaviors. It also serves as a visual stimuli for those who aspire into creative fields and works. It’s  defiantly artistic expression paralleled with narrative story telling.

Am I proud or happy about this project?

Yes, but as a writer I hope to get better and complete works that are just as expressive and entertaining.

Am I working on anything new?

I’m almost finished with what I think is a romantic comedy.  Its about a young woman who is hired to help change the image of a young college student but her own self image is at risk when a hot magazine reporter shows interest in her?

What was my inspiration for this story? I like to read novels and a majority of my work is a spinoff of something I read and  brought to life with  either my own experiences or just a journey of my imagination.

What challenges have you run across when developing these scripts? Too many to go down the list.

What else do you do besides write scripts?

I try to blog when I can. I have a personal blog as well as a film and fashion blog Style601 which will be available soon.

Other than that odd end jobs to keep a few dollars in my pocket. Lol

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