H&M’s Next Big Fashion Collab

Versace for H&M….. Tom Ford for H&M? Whoa! Could H&M really grab another great fashion designer to follow Versace’s fashion range and set the fashion retail business on fire? We all hope so.

According to BusinessWeek, H&M is “keen to follow up its Versace collection with a fashion range designed by Tom Ford.” It’s a rumor that’s been around before – coincidentally (or not?), right after H&M last high-profile collaboration with Lanvin wrapped.

Tom Ford’s collab with H&M would mean a high profile release, press tour, and ad campaign. I think a lot of people would just want to the ad campaign or who’s featured in it. I anticipate these great designers’s collaboration as a continuing trend amongst retailers.

H&M’s creative adviser Margareta van den Bosch, said Tom Ford is “a very interesting name,” and that she “wouldn’t mind” doing a collaboration with him. She told BusinessWeek she’d had no contact with the designer(yet) and Tom Ford’s camp declined to comment on the story. So it seems about fifty-fifty that this could actually happen, at this point. But a girl can hope right?

This should be an ongoing story in the fashion community and it will be interesting to see how it plays out!


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