Short Poem: Heritage Cry (ONE)

Heritage Cry


Neglected, Misunderstood, Neglected? Substance, Depth, Pride! Family touches the heart of my soul because being born and raised as an only child leaves no room selfishness. The dynamics of a ONE is.   ONE GOD. ONE LIFE. ONE DEATH. As ONE we must appreciate each other. As ONE we must see GOD. As ONE we form a circle and draw NO broken lines. ONE mindset to triumph. It only takes ONE to change a nation. ONE to Love. ONE to DIE. GOD creates the individual ONE. We only need faith the size of ONE mustard seed. Together we must stand as ONE!

We are not the only ONE. There were many ONES before us. ONES who died. ONES who loved. ONES that believed. An understanding of those ONES only need to touch ONE. Because that ONE could carry the ONE legacy that will live for an eternity. Does any ONE understand?

All I need is ONE voice that carries the sound of ONE message. NAS was infamous because he believed he only needed ONE mic. We need but ONE leader to make ONE change so that every ONE sees. Pleasant is the sound of ONE sweet tune. Harmonious.

The pleasure and joy of ONE. It’ll only happen ONE time in your life. There was only One path. I couldn’t possibly lose. I just ONE. There’s just ONE. The Power of ONE.

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