Nike’s Latest Invention Becomes Fashion’s Newest Innovation

When we think fashion we think Gucci, Prada, Louie. The Creme de la creme of the fashion world and we always appreciate innovation and creativity. Rarely do we show love to the sneakerheads!

In my opinion Addias has been the front runner when it comes to fashionable sportswear beginning with the likes of Run DMC and the classic shell toes. Nike, however, has made extreme statements with customized classics of the Jordan, Air Force One, as well as other styles from the 80s and 90s.

Nike’s lastest move includes the Marty McFly. Sneakerheads have heard rumors about this BACK TO THE FUTURE self -lacing model for years. Nike is officially making 1500 pairs of the Marty McFly, Nike Air Mag making them an instant collectible. It’s already being coined as KOBE BRYANT’s new shoe….

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