Hollywood Relies on Top Talent to Carry the Load Behind the Scenes

Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood, Ben Affleck, and now recent Oscar nom Vera Farmiga.

Vera initially gave up a staring role to direct her most recent project where she introduces her younger sister and son to the big screen.

Farmiga’s directorial debut was inspired by The Dark World: A Memoir of Salvation Lost and Found by Carolyn Brings. She takes on religious fundamentalism as a young woman’s life takes shape from the time she’s a young girl until she’s a mother of three nearing forty. Farminga’s younger sister plays the lead as Young Corrine while her son took on the role of Corrine’s daughter.

I must say Farmiga’s passion and work ethic is a true inspiration. I can’t believe she not only took on a starring and directorial role but she did the entire project during the all three trimesters of her pregnancy! That’s just amazing!

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