Tie neck, lace, tulle, and animals prints. I think BCBG has done it all this season. It’s one of the most well designed collections of the fall! I’m not just saying that. This fall will be filled with classic pieces that express fashion for it’s details.


BCBG has captured animals prints like no other designer this season. Rouched leopard print dresses and fitted leopard skirts.

Style is sophistication and neck ties are at the core this fall season. Elegant dresses with the addition of a neck ties is distinction. The cliche was once a scarf but modern design completes this style simply with a swoop and pull at the neck of a tie neck dress.




Lace or tulle. Both add sexy detail this fall with chic elegance. These two fabrics can be easily be mistaken for one another. Let just clear the facts for one moment. Tulle is a net like material i.e fish nets. The subtle use of this fabric around the neck adds a classy look to cocktail dresses or even the most basic pieces. Lace on the other hand is simply sexy anywhere you put it. Feminine detail with the influence of a menswear cut is signature for BCBG this fall.

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