I think I’m treated unfairly because I’m different. I’m usually the only one of my kind. I studied MIS in college and am a Green Belt – Six Sigma(www.lookitup.com) via Villanova University. I value education. I’m a professional model as well as screenwriter. In short, a Scholarly Artist, the best way I can put it.

It gets me in trouble because most people feel creativity is more exciting than the appreciation for education these days. Don’t get me wrong, I am creative. Maybe that’s where I feel different.

I like doing well. I like purpose. I think purpose is what drives you. Usually, I end up making things happen for me. Well, with help and strength from GOD. THANKS!

My genuinely charismatic personality scares some but most enjoy it.

Life has been challenging but it has made my character huge. Not to be confused with ego. It’s just that when all you have is GOD and your integrity, good or bad, it becomes you. I think personal integrity is worth a lot more to people than dishonesty. Wait, now I know that’s a rarity in my business.

And yet I still complain. I will always strive to improve on the positives. My mother served the public almost her entire adult life, first as a police officer in the streets then as a civil attorney for the state. I had my work cut out for me from the start. My dad didn’t have much education at all. He worked with his hands all his life. He’s a tough man. Not mean, but tough. I’m about two shoe sizes bigger than he is. He taught me how to fill his shoes. HOW TO BE A MAN. Mississippi Bread!

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