Life’s Short Moments Could Mean Niche in Film.

I’ve been trying to come up with the next step for my career in film and fashion. I think a A Short Film in Atlanta could be the answer. With Red Swan as a completed script awaiting production and a second untitled project almost complete, a quick short film about friendship, the female chase, and success is just what I need to open a few doors.

A Short Film in Atlanta is projected to be begin production in about a month.

“I believe Atlanta would be a great place to film a short. I guess that’s how the project got it’s title.”

The script is an original work with diverse characterization based on fictitious plot development. ¬†Atlanta hasn’t seen much of my work other than the fashion shows that I’ve been in.

“I’ve walked for a few urban lines like Sean John and Akademics”

I thought since I’m waiting on production on my feature (Red Swan) why not do A Short Film in Atlanta. A cast list hasn’t been confirmed yet however I’m sure Atlanta’s top talent will be in the mist.

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