Gwyneth is Coach’s New Choice

Cooking, Singing, Oscar winning Gwenyth Paltrow. What don’t Gwyneth do? I didn’t even know who she was until about six months or so ago. I found out she was the wife of Cold Play’s lead singer and said OH(Cold Play is the shit)! Everyone talks about her in every magazine and every tv show. For the longest I was like who is Gwenyth Paltrow.

Obviously Coach knows her and her brand. Coach will introduce Gwyneth as Brand Ambassador with ads shot by Peter Lingbergh that won’t be seen in America, however, Asia and Europe will be the beneficiary of this femme fatale/superwoman. Damn, this isn’t the first time Gwyneth has graced the lens for designers?  Her resume also includes Dior and Tod’s. Look out for Gwyneth in Country Strong out on DVD and this fall for Coach!

Congratutations Gwenyth!

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